Meet apps designed
just for your pets
All My Pets
Pet profile and activity management software.

Systematically manage your pet profiles and activity data, this is the perfect app for pet fanatics and organizations tailored to pet clients such as shelters, kennels, breeders and grooming salons.
  • easy-to-fill data fields and customizable pet attributes
  • quickly print profiles and activity reports
  • track events with intuitive date and time selectors
  • multiple level reporting with search filters by name and activity date
  • dedicated pet photo gallery
Available for Windows 10.
Parrot Talk Professor
Bird training app that teaches your pet parrot how to speak.

Start training your pet birds by repeating simple words. Parrot Talk Professor leverages text-to-speech technology and automate training sessions with customizable number of word repeats, interval wait times and lesson replays.

Available for iOS and Windows 10.